Wedding Design

When I decided to turn my passion for weddings into a job I had in mind three main ideas:
Small weddings
Create beauty

Living in Tuscany means to be constantly embraced by a sense of beauty.
Florence, Siena and Maremma are little jewels enclosed in walls where old traditions, colors and scents continue for ever to be preserved and displayed.
I love this area and these are the ones I decided to propose and introduce to you, because I believe that the enthusiasm we feel for what we love is the only guide.

I speak of Florence, Siena and Maremma also because these are the sunsets, the alleys and the endless shades of green that fill my eyes; these are the places that I really know.

These three villages are to me the epitome of “small is beatiful”; three microcosms that perfectly meet this aesthetic idea … the taste of food, the smell of the wine, the noise in the streets of ancient crafts, the colors of our squares … all has a small size and so concentrated, dense, as the weddings I prefer to organize.

I’ll be there with you to make that day a Beauty.


About me

 A Little About Me

My name is Cristina, I’m italian and I have been living in Tuscany for seven years.
Transfer my life in Tuscany has been a bet for many reasons, but I would never come back.
The beauty that embraces this city, Florence, and all the Tuscany is the same one that has pervaded me.
I love fashion,  hairstyles  and small intimate parties with friends and family; I’ve always liked the flowers, their colors and the assurance that at spring they  return to bloom in all their beauty.
I realized after many other paths that all this it could be a wonderful profession.

Pictures of me

1 Degree in Business Administration
13 years in multinational companies
4 years dedicated to the creation of my B & B
4 the languages I know
21st the varieties of flowers in my garden
3 the lands where I have lived
2 the hours of enchantment in front of “Amore e Psiche” by Canova
1 the sailboat that sooner or later I’ll be able to buy

The day of my wedding was the most beautiful of my life, obviously MADE IN TUSCANY


Wedding Pricing Options

My personal formula is to apply 10% of the total cost of the services that you require to manage, including my physical and a possible collaborator presence for the coordination of the wedding day.
In this way my cost is for you known in advance, it is certain and not editable.
I prefer this option because it leaves to the bride and groom a wider choice of suppliers, in case they can’t find their requests accepted by those with I work usually.
Do not worry excessively of this cost, try to get an idea of ​​what is your overall spending … the key aspect will be what we can create with your budget!

Full Service

  • 10%*
  • No more than 60 people
  • Docs/burocracy management
  • Wedding suppliers coordination
  • Wedding theme & style creation
  • Guests coordination
  • Wedding day coordination

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Day Off

  • 500 Euro
  • No more than 60 people
  • Assuring suppliers connection
  • Guests movement coordination
  • Bride’s morning assistance
  • Guests welcoming at ceremony
  • Wedding timeline compliance

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  • 400 Euro
  • Accomodation selection
  • “Experiences” during your stay
  • Transport coordination
  • Place for “declaration”
  • Event organization
  • Suppliers coordination (photographer, flowers…)

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* Minimum compensation 1500 Euro.

Prices could be revised depending by location, number of guests, event details consequently staff needed.


Lets Get in Touch

I would love to hear from you!

Wheter you have a question or a real wedding request, please feel free to contact me.

After your first contact by e-mail, I will be happy to discuss your needs by email/phone (If you live far away) or in person.

My Contact Information

Address1: Podere San Luigi – Scarlino – Italy
Address2: Via Trieste – Florence – Italy

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